Dog party

Dog party

Kixx gazes longingly out the window awaiting Stephanie’s return. Happens every time Steph leaves the house. @plasticsharx

Kixx gazes longingly out the window awaiting Stephanie’s return. Happens every time Steph leaves the house. @plasticsharx

A message from Anonymous
I miss you so much, and I think about you every single day.

I wish I knew who you were

A message from Anonymous
I feel very hopeless right now. And you're always encouraging. You said in the post below.. It's all Jesus. I used to feel that. But I don't anymore. I just feel... Nothing. I'm real sure what I even used to be like. And that's what scares me most. So. I just needed to tell someone that. Thank you.

You shouldn’t feel hopeless. There is always, always hope. If you are alive, there is hope. 

I know what that feeling of not even recognizing yourself. I got to that place and got so fed up with myself that I had to just seek God. Notice how I didn’t say, “Pick myself up off the ground and make a change”. Because we’re incapable of doing that. But the beautiful thing about God is that He can and WILL peel our pathetic pancake bodies off the floor and make something of us. If we just trust Him.

"Come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need" - Hebrews 4:16. <—- That, my friend, is what you must do. God helps.

A message from Anonymous
You're rather adorable. ^_^ so. yea.


A message from Anonymous
Will you go out with me?

Only if you greet me with pizza and puppies. And kittens.

A message from bilboshaggins1989
You're Aways so Encouraging. You're Awesome.

Thanks! It’s all Jesus.

A message from Anonymous
I think you're really great. Yeah. Okayyybye!

I don’t know who you are, but if you think I’m great THEN YOU MUSTBE GREAT TOO!!!

A message from bilboshaggins1989
Why do I feel so stagnant, doubting everything I believe in and know to be true? Why do I want to run away and be alone in the woods while at the same time I long for companionship? And Why did Peter Pan stand me up twelve years ago?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve REALLY identified with this scripture from Philippians 2:12. “…work out your salvation with fear and trembling”. 

When you first read that, it’s like…. what the heck? But What I’ve experienced is that working out your salvation, seeking God, learning Him, dying to yourself… Dude, that causes FEAR and TREMBLING. I remember a couple of years ago when I really started seeking God for the first time in my life. Sometimes I’d wake up and, for NO reason at all, be so freaking anxiety ridden. I’d feel depressed and scared and have NO idea why. I’d lay on the floor like a pancake and just sob. Why? Don’t know. Just did. I think it was that starvation in me for God. I was working out my salvation with fear and trembling. It’s like a drug addict going through withdrawl. There’s a giant void in them that used to be filled with drugs. Once they quit those drugs, they’re shakey, sweaty, anxious. When you seek God, REALLY seek God… there’s a void in you. And that void is all the things you’re dying to, all the things you’re throwing away to seek God. So you work through it in fear and trembling.

I’m not sure if I’m answering this. Basically, you run to the woods because you want something greater. Part of you wants companionship because it’s safe and comforting. But the other part of you is starving for a meal that can only be offered by God.

Peter Pan stood you up 12 years ago because you’re not Beyonce. <3

A message from Anonymous
Are you dating anyone currently? If so, what's the story? :)

What’s the story, Wishbone? Doo da doo doo dooooo doooooooo

Ask me anything you want.

A message from stereo-freedom
When you get this write 5 nice things about yourself then pass the message on to 10 of your favorite followers! :)

1. I’m honest. Example: I won’t pass this on but I need to work on encouraging myself so it’s about time I say something nice about myself.
2. I’m air headed. I do dumb things but if I realize I’ve made a mistake, I fix it.
3. I love people real hard.
4. I’m cute.
5. This one isn’t about me, but I’m loved and adored by a God who is amazingly merciful and powerful. A God who heals broken hearts and broken bodies. A God who is good all the freaking time.

Now, you didn’t ask for it, but I’m going to share nice feels about you, Alexis.

1. You’re funny as heck. I have to refrain from “liking” all your posts on Facebook to avoid looking like a creep.
2. You’re adorable.
3. I don’t know you that well, but you seem to have a beautiful heart and a sweet, sweet soul.
4. You have great taste in music/movies/tv shows.
5. You like dogs and cats. Automatically makes you a fantastic human.

A message from Anonymous
i don't want to get into religion stuff on here, but i just wanted to say real quick that posts about christianity/homosexuality hurts my heart so much. it's people like that, and posts about it, that make me disgusted about myself. but then i realize that the fact that i'm attracted to someone doesn't change the fact that i believe in Him and believe that He loves me just the same. because there really isn't a difference.

I’m so sorry that you were hurt by the questions people ask me :-( unless you were hurt by me? I sure hope not! I would never, in a million years, say anything hurtful to or about my lgbt brothers and sisters. Neither to or about my Christian brothers and sisters. Or any of my human brothers and sisters.

There are people that ask me honest and genuine questions about the topic, and also people who ask pretty horrible ones, too (refer to one of the questions I answered a year or so ago where someone asks “should fags be allowed in heaven”).

Don’t feel disgusting. You are no monster. In fact, God put you on this earth and stuck a heart inside your chest to beat with passion for this very issue. The fact that you were hurt means that you actually care about this, and want the relationship between the body of Christ and the gay community to heal. It takes a lot of guts to do that.

I love you. And if you want to talk to me personally, feel free to find me on Facebook (Jen Wagner) or text me (7346744683).

Hang in there, pal

Hayley Williams be tumblin’ today.

Last year during SXSW, I noticed a pedal in the sales office at Guitar Center for will call with a receipt that said PARAMORE on it. I about peed everywhere and genuinely considered coming to work on my days off to see if I could catch them. I left a somewhat pathetic love note in the pedal box. Think they ever read it?